April was a busy month.  We did a
conference for StableValue.org and
had the joy of staying on the Club
Level at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna
Niguel (So. Calif) for a week.
John dressed to the 9's in his Tux for a
Shriner event.  Handsome devil!!
Gina, John & I 'helping the economy.."
at a trendy little store in Laguna Beach.
The hotel cliff walks lead down to
Laguna Beach.  Beautiful!!
The view from our room... and at last
Sunset over the Pacific... rather than
our customary Sunrise out of the
We spent an evening with my niece
Victoria and her husband. Stationed
down there at Camp Pendelton.
and other evenings with friends...
Then on to Novato to visit the folks for
Easter.  To gather in the kitchen early in
the morning, rumpled & sleepy, drink
coffee, eat toast, and solve the worlds
Child & woman I'd lie in bed and listen to
the early laughter of my family coming from
the kitchen.. time hasn't changed
anything.  I still can't decide which is
better..to lay listening, feeling the warmth
of family.. or get up and be a part of it.
The house was crowded with Kids and
Grandkids come home for the holiday.
Everybody sleeping on the floor in the
living room or out in the motor home.
We died Easter Eggs...
and let the oldest one 'be the bunny' for
the first time- hiding the eggs for his sisters
We dressed up the girls and hunted everything
Skyler hid.  
The rest of our 'holiday' we spent in Storage...going
through 40 years of 'treasures'.  John so patient as I
'remembered' through box after box of an earlier life.
.. gleefully telling Dad.."These boxes are NOT all
mine!  This one as a matter of fact is YOURS!!" So
what are You throwing away Dad?"
May came. There were Cat Shows, Legion of
Honor activities, Wild Noreasters that pushed
rains past the rubber on our doors...

and lots of long summer afternoons that
looked like this...
Sarah -  Tim & Jens oldest girl
Mom & Kylie
Attila and our grandchild #5