All the MerryMaines series of books about the
adventures of Siberia Farm's Maine Coon cats
and friends are not only up in book form but
they are also available on Kindle!
, they are also
on the data base of most bookstores and
online book sellers so that while they might
not be on shelves, they can be ordered locally.
I Hope my readers will find them.
Now up on!
The 6th book in the MerryMaines Series:
The MerryMaines Down Home
BAck cover for The
Merry Maines Down
Who'd have believed the kitten
who stuffed himself into one of my
shoes for a nap, could turn into the
handsome prince above and
The birdwatcher
My mum, Mariam Mende of
Moonshine Cattery in Germany
has translated "The Merry Maines"
onto German--only achtung! I
can't read!
Cats are magical creatures
No other species can match them for savoir-faire; an artist's
and writer's dream. Even when they're asleep, they're balm
for the soul. In the 5th book of this series:
Something Wicked
This Way Comes,
Beth Merryman makes the remark: "Cats
don't just stroll along the ground, they move along the air like
Peter Pan's Ship of Sails." It's no wonder they're an
inspiration for any writer. What might sound like silly dialogue
from any other fictional character, sounds perfectly
reasonable when uttered by a cat.
When I started this series of catly adventures, I had not
found any book written about cats, mysteries in particular,
written with feline characters in the environment of a cattery.
Nor anything I considered from a feline's viewpoint.(some
writers didn't even know that any calico they invented had to
be female!) Having owned a Maine Coon cattery for some
years, as well has being the servant of any number of
assorted cats before that, I'd observed quite a few different
breeds and 'moggies' of my own and those of friends. AS a
result, I felt qualified to speak for them. I don't think it a
stretch too far to add my hunch that they also have a sense
of humor--if one a bit acerbic of humankind. And if there are
philosophers among any other sentient beings, they'd have
to be cats! You doubt that? Then how do you account for cat
haters? Only humans who feel intimidated or fearful or
inferior (and rightly so!) to cats could possibly hate them!
And personally, I feel great distrust for those who profess a
dislike for cats. That's a bit of small-mindedness that's very
revealing. However,those of you reading this are obviously
not of that ilk or you wouldn't be here. So enjoy my website
and my cats and hopefully: my books.
Having said all that, I thought you might like to see the
cast of characters who inspired this series of books. Most of
them have lived with me at one time or another, all very
beloved, well-remembered and definitely distinct personalities.
Some are still here, always looking over my shoulder, some
have gone to live with friends and one or two, alas, have gone
to The Rainbow Bridge. So this is my tribute to them. "So many
cats?" you may ask. Well, yes, After all, I once did raise them.
My cattery is now closed for all intents and purposes but a
'Hard Core' of resident felines remains, along with one mated
pair whose offspring usually go to Boundingmaines or
Cumbercoons for dispersal when the time comes for them to go
off and seek their fortune. They are just too much fun to give
up entirely. Besides, they're wonderful subjects for photograpy,
sketching (as you can see on these pages), rendering in
stained glass and writing. I hope I never have to give up sharing
house with cats and kittens.
However, I must had 2 caveats here. Do please remember
these books are FICTION. The characters, both feline and
humankind figments of my imagination except for those
luminaries like Helmi Flick and Cindy Pitts(making cameo
appearances), who are real magicians at photographing cats.
No responsible breeder ever lets their cats run loose outside
unless constrained in an enclosure of some kind. And none will
sell a kitten to anyone who doesn't swear on their firstborn that
they will
always keep this creature indoors! For the purpose of
plot and the way it once was in Maine, some of my characters
do go out into the world--it IS fiction remember.
Reality is another matter. Don't think for a minute you're
cheating your feline by denying it The Great Outdoors! Life
outside is just too dangerous. No matter how careful an owner
might be, if a beloved cat just touches noses with a stray
infected with FIV or Feline Leukemia, that's a death sentence. I
won't even mention dogs, foxes, coyotes or speeding cars. And
can get lost. (every time I go to Facebook and see cats
listed as lost or turned into a kill shelter, it's almost more than I
can bear--and with little sympathy for owners who didn't
Do NOT let your cats outside unless you have them on a
harness and leash. As the saying goes: "no matter how nicely
they ask."
And please, PLEASE
Do-not-declaw-your-cat! That is
permanent and very painful mutilation. A vet cannot avoid
cutting very sensitive nerves when they remove the whole first
knuckle of a cat in order to declaw it. No matter how many
flowerbeds a dog digs up or leaves scratches on fine leather
couches, you wouldn't cut off his toes. Please accord your cat
the same consideration. If your furniture is more important, get
a gerbil or set up a fish tank. In the long run, your furniture will
never love you back but  your cats will. Just situate a few cat
trees here and there about the house.