BoundingMaines P The Ships Mouse
Hurklecats Bright Autumn of BoundingMaines
BoundingMaines Anne P McKimm
Henry of BoundingMaines
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Koontyme Flagship of BoundingMaines
Henry of BoundingMaines
Trillcatz Sea Chantey of BoundingMaines
BoundingMaines Swift Passage
These are the Children of Bounding Maines.
Mouseover will give you their names
The standard naming convention is
Cattery that bred them - Their Name -
OF   - Cattery they went to as Breeding stock if any.
ie:    Bounding Maines     -      Edward Teach        -      OF     -         BabbleCats
Bounding Maines Starbuck
As you might guess I love taking pictures of our babies.
All these shots were taken by me in our living room over
the course of many seasons and years.

For all that I have thrown 'backdrop' over the chaise
lounge and added a prop or two they are done with
natural light and caught as they play.
Bounding Maines The Gilded Age
Bounding Maines Hoot
BoundingMaines The Gilded Age
Gabriella - The Terror
Maxximus le Prince Argent
Optipus Prime
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