Each new owner must sign and agree to abide by our sales agreement.
Breeder retains the right to Refuse sale to anyone for any reason.
This copy of the Contract of Sale is for your reference, that you might see what it contains
and that I might answer any of your questions beforehand.
Originals will be executed at time of Sale.
Contract of Sale Between:
John & Holly Reilly
Bounding Maines Cattery
Kitten Purchaser:
Name  ________________________________________
For the Purchase of:_Bounding Maiines_______________________________
Sex:   Male     Female         DOB:__________________       
Litter Registration #____________________________________
Date___________ Rec.____________________
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                                                                                          Terms of Agreement

This Registered Maine Coon Cat is sold as a      Pet/Companion       Show
HEALTH GUARANTEE:  Breeder guarantee covers viral and bacterial diseases, internal and external parasites.
  We guarantee the cat to be:
           FeLV/FIV-negative at the time of sale and free from life threatening or disabling genetic health issues.  
           Such as HCM Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy , and hip dysplasia (of a certification of worse than ‘borderline’).
  To qualify for this guarantee the cat/kitten must be seen by a Licensed Veterinarian within 3 days of going to its new home.
          Should the veterinarian find the cat/kitten ill and that the illness was present prior to Purchase, Breeder will
          (upon receipt of a detailed statement from the examining veterinarian that the illness was present prior to sale)
          pay the cost of the medical treatment (up to the purchase price of cat/kitten).  Should Cat/Kitten die of said illness    
          Breeder will replace with one of equal quality.

          3 Day Requirement Waived__________________________________________________________
 Any and all health guarantees are null and void if cat/kitten is allowed outside.
This cat/kitten comes to you with:
  Up to date shot records for its age.
  Kitten Kit, including food & Baby Book.
  Pedigree & Registration Papers for CFA or TICA. (if spay/neutered at time of sale)
  If not altered at time of Sale, Blue Slip will be sent upon receipt of Veterinarian proof of Neuter.

     Conditions of Sale
                                                                               The Purchaser Agrees to the Following

To provide for this Cat/Kitten a forever home. Keeping this cat as long as it lives unless unforeseen circumstance prevent. Purchaser
will make provisions (both written and oral) for the care and ownership of this cat should the Purchaser become incapacitated or in the
case of decease.

Cat/kitten will NEVER be Sold or Given to: a ‘friend’, an animal shelter, a pet store, a laboratory or similar facility. Will never be
Abandoned. Purchasers should they find themselves at any point unable to retain ownership of the Cat/Kitten (
for any reason other
than illness in the animal
) will notify immediately the Breeder who will have first right to take back the cat at no cost, or assist in its  
Rehoming.                                                                                                                                                             Initial_______________

               Many things happen in life for which we cannot or did not Plan. From Natural Disasters to Family issues,
              as simple as a child born with Asthma or as devastating as the loss of health, home or life. We will not
              criticise or judge. We would only be grateful that in adversity you did what was best for your fur child by
              calling Us that we might welcome home our own. No matter why the sacrifice, wouldn't it ease your mind
              to KNOW your fuzzyone went home to safe harbor, & was loved.

Buyer understands that they are buying an indoor-only pedigreed cat and they will not allow this cat outdoors except in a carrier, on a
lead or leash or in a fully enclosed outdoor run for their cat’s protection, safety and well-being.

That this Cat/Kitten will receive frequent and kind human attention. Will  be given the love, care, concern and respect due living being,
and will not be regularly caged within the confines of the purchasers home.

That this cat/kitten will NEVER be de-clawed. Purchaser understands that this is mutilation and a cruelty that is likely to alter this
cat/kittens personality and health.  Should Cat/Kitten be found to have been declawed by the Purchaser the Breeder reserves the right
to, without notice or remuneration, remove said cat or kitten and find it a more loving home.     

Some things we take very seriously. If I ever find out you did this..I'm coming to reclaim

Kitten/Cat will be immunized annually for the feline upper respiratory illnesses (rhinotracheitis, panleukopenia pneumonitis and calici
virus), and will not be allowed to harbor parasites. Buyer agrees to have the cat examined annually by a licensed veterinarian to
ensure the cat’s health and well being.
  Breeder does not recommend vaccinating the kitten/cat for Feline Leukemia (FeLV) or  Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP).
If the Buyer opts to vaccinate their cat with these vaccines and if the cat should subsequently develop FIP, the Breeder will not replace
the kitten.  The reason for this the Breeder feels that, based on a study done at UC Davis, that these vaccines may cause FIP
development.  Additionally and if possible, if and when Buyer is vaccinating the cat for rabies, Buyer should request that the
veterinarian use the rabies vaccine with the least reactionary adjuvant to further decrease the possibility of a vaccine site sarcoma.    
This is just common sense. Even indoor cats need their hearts listened to and their teeth checked once a

Purchaser will be alert to signs of distress and cat will not be denied prompt veterinary attention should it at any point in its life appear
ill or injured.

This cat is not being purchased for Resale or Breeding.  If not altered at the time of sale to neuter the cat/kitten before 8 months of  
age.   Upon Breeders receipt of veterinarian's verification of altering, the Buyer will be provided registration papers and signed
 This is another one of those things. We would not contribute numbers to suffer the cruel fate of unloved and
unwanted pets, the product of indiscriminate, careless, or unauthorized breeding.

To never leave the cat/kitten alone for more than 24 hours without making arrangement for a responsible person to provide it with
fresh food and water, clean litter and loving companionship.

10) To communicate with the Breeder at least once a year, hopefully with pictures and data. That we may track the
growth and health of our placed kittens for our files. To notify the Breeder of change of address, phone number or
Truly we would love to hear of their developed purrsonalities. To see their stages of growth, how they
turned out, and add photos of Then & Now to our site.

With all of that being said. Here is the required Legaleese….

                                                                                     Health Warranty

To qualify for this guarantee the cat/kitten must be seen by a Licensed Veterinarian within 3 days of going to its new home.

          Should the veterinarian find the cat/kitten ill and that the illness was present prior to Purchase, Breeder will (upon receipt of a
detailed statement from the examining veterinarian that the illness was present prior to sale) pay the cost of the medical treatment (up
to the purchase price of cat/kitten).  Should Cat/Kitten die of said illness Breeder will replace with one of equal quality.

                                                                                    Genetic Disorders

Testing is done on all our Breeding Stock and Parents have tested clear at this time of these life threatening
genetic disorders. We there for provide a 3-year health guarantee against HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy)  and a 2-year health
guarantee on all other life threatening GENETIC disorders.

If, within the guarantee period, the cat is shown to have a life threatening  genetic disorder by a Licensed Veterinarian, Purchaser
agrees to immediately notify the Breeder and then either:

                   A. Return the cat to Bounding Maines,  at the purchaser's request Bounding Maines will replace the Cat/Kitten with one of
equal   quality OR provide a full refund of the purchase price less shipping.
                   B. Purchaser will present a Veterinarian's bill for reimbursement. Bounding Maines maximum liability shall be no greater
than the original purchase price.
                             a. Purchaser's request for reimbursement MUST be accompanied by a Veterinarian's receipt and records
confirming that the illness was  contracted by the cat prior to purchase.
                              b. Payment of veterinarians service up to the stated maximum liability will be made only upon receipt of
an itemized statement. Bounding Maines will not honor any claims after the guarantee period or if the Warranty was not validated by
examination 3 days after purchase except as stated in item 3 below.
Should this cat develop any hereditary illness or defect within the first 2 years of life,
  Bounding Maines will replace the cat, with shipping at purchaser's expense, provided the following provisions are met:
          a. The cat was treated by a Licensed Veterinarian and Bounding Maines was contacted.
          b. Purchaser presents a statement from the Veterinarian verifying diagnosis of  the illness
                  or defect with a postmortem report showing a hereditary illness or defect as the cause of death.

I the undersigned



Breeder: Bounding Maines

Novato, Ca  94945

H: (904) 874-7886
J:  (904) 610-2334

All changes to this document require initials from both parties.