Recent Cat Shows
The Masters Cat Show
Augusta, GA     Aug 23 2008
What.. is this it?
Ok...I'm bored now...
Have Toys will Travel...
If you may worship me.
Cat Club of the Palm Beaches Show
Orlando, FL    May 25th  2008
Return to Port
Watch me!
I'm showin my Stuff
I'm workin it now....
Kit Mounger & Vikki Shipp
of Talshipp Cattery GA
The Cat Quilt, made by Kit is raffled off
to benefit the CFA Purebred Rescue.
Liz Flynn & Kit Mounger of CoonMt
CoonMtn  Piper Maru
Cat Show Orlando, FL Sept 18-19
This was the Show from Hell...
Not a single Judge could agree on what Auralias color was.  It took 2 days & 12 Judges to get 6 to agree on a color.  It changed in every ring.
The Master Clerk got sick of it and yelled at me. 2 cats and one me running every which a way, the kids not always in the same ring at the same
time.  Eddy was miss-labeled in the Catalog as Blue not Black Smoke and all the Judges had to look hard and still didnt find Blue.   It was a very
Long 2 days..but both kids came home with their Champion Titles....and it took Me a week to recover.
Roary took his Champion Title at this show.
9 months old the day before the show and
12lbs big.  
9 month old Roary and my Mom (his
favorite purrson) Shes the only one can
make him behave.
Long ago... Florida, Tennessee and Georgia TICA and CFA Shows
Koontyme Flagship of BoundingMaines
I'm showin it
who's boss...
Bounding Maines Auralia
Bounding Maines Endeavour
March 3rd Show
MINE!  Dose Ribbuns isss MINE!!  
Hang dem on my cage Now!!
April 5th Show
May Show