Its taken half a year to put it up but here is 2009 in its everyday glory.....
The Cat Shows in January...
Sweet Piper Maru made all but 2 of the
Ribbons to her Champion Title.
A  rare Frosty morning at the Beach
In February we bought the 39 Ford...
and John went to FASMAC to race the
blue buggy.
Early February saw a trip to Maine
where 3 Catteries, from Maine to
Florida banded together to help a 4th.
We'd been waiting since Christmas for
a break in the weather...
Our jump off point was Kits place. Coon Mountain
Cattery in Afton TN.  Situated on 7 acres on a
bluff above the Nolichuckney River, the front of
this old home has an incredible river view.

It was a long trip north, first to Kits in TN, then on
to Maine and then home with 15 cats in cages in
Kits truck.

For me it was 3314 miles.
March saw Kit coming down our way for
some dawns on the beach.  Mariel and
Henner flew in and the first of our
Breeding, little Silver Lining went home
with them to be a Queen in Germany.
We baby sat for Adem... and waited on
the arrival of his little sister due in
I went to DC for a week to work
(& Play)  with my friend Gina.

And when home we spent our dawns
on the beach out front with our
neighbor John Tucker and Cotton.
Our first Stud boy turned 18
months old and now had several
litters on the ground to his credit.
and outside..
Maine.  The Cattries of: -L to R
ThunderPaws, FourPaws,
Bounding Maines and Coon Mountain