Some Past Kittens
The pale and beautiful
Lady Rosslynn
gone to Sarasota
and his chauffeur
live in Atlanta.
The lovely Silver Lining went on to
Germany to be a Queen.
Recently received from Atlanta...Mischief being himself
as she appeared
We named her Pretty Penny, because thats what shed cost us if
she could be fixed. She was born with Bi Lateral Radial Hypoplasia
- Twisty Cat - her front legs twisted inward.

She would never have full use.  She and her friend Missy went to
a most wonderful couple in TN.  They took her to their Dr. Dan,
who performed a miracle and as you can see shes Perfect now
and having a great life.  

May Blessings fall on Russ and Judy
for taking and loving this little girl
Missy & Holly (Penny)
and gotten pictures later....and said
"OH!!  HOW did I let that one get away?!"
Missy is one of ours that 'got away'
Little Menace Underfoot
became the dignified
BoundingMaines Pirate Edward Teach
Feb 2, 2011
Kandy & Katie came to the Beach
bringing Menace/Eddy for a visit
and took home a friend for him.

Katie and my sweet Tia Dolma
as they left for home.
Feb 2, 2011
Missy, when little,
was the color of Mud.
Who knew!?
Bounding Maines
Galileo having given us a couple of lovely litters has
moved to Tennessee to be a spoiled pet.
They got a kitten from out very first litter
and all these years later came back for
another love.   And here is Bogey approving
his new parents.   2013
SHE came for a little stray girl found abandoned
on our porch.  HE had no opinion one way or the
other. Ferdinand was not part of the original plan
at all.

It was not the first time we have seen plans
change or Magic happen.

Loosed from the kitten room Ferdinand (born of
our Cinco de Mayo Litter)  made a bee line for the
man and was effusive in his  HELLO!!,  became
an instant Velcro kitty.  HE folded under the
onslaught of purry affection. HE was instantly
smitten and Ferdinand went home with his man.
Maxximus le Prince Argent
Judy with Pretty Penny and Missy.  
This is a story of love.  Of a wonderful woman who gave legs
to a disabled kitten.  
Dr Remen and Tippy 2015
Maxximus le Prince Argent .....when he was 'little'
Fancy     2016
Tippy went home with one of Dr. Rachels frends.

But Fancy (above) and Ariyah (below)  
went home with her
all grown now to big beautiful cats.
Ariyah   2016
Tippie and Friend
in the garden in Mill Valley 2016
and yes his friend is a real dear.
Evidently it has a bad leg and finds
safety in the garden.