If you are interested in a Bounding Maines Kitten/Alter please go to our Questionnaire located
on our Contact Us pages.  We will get back to you usually the same day.

Kittens may be reserved, only on a first come, first served basis. This will require a deposit,
and your signature on our
Kitten Reservation form. More information on our Health
Contracts, and Reservation forms can be found on their respective pages.
See Past Kittens
Then & Now------>
If it says
Under Assessment
this means they are being evaluated for
Show or Breed quality physical traits
which develop over time, or other
Breeders with which we have a
relationship have asked the kitten be with
held while they do some Line Chasing.
These kittens sometimes come available
@ ~ 16 weeks old.. Please enquire if you
wish to be informed if they come available

Planned Breedings for 2020



On Hold for Covid-19 Resolutions
BoundingMaines Seatons Spitfire Sara X BoundingMaines St Elmos Fire
BoundingMaines Thunders Legacy X ?

Gallery 1
Gallery 2
For the first look at new babies as they arrive.
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Licensed and Inspected
Last Update August 17th, 2020

Our 'Parents' are tested at UCDavis or Optimal Selection
for SMA, PKD and HCM.
Most are also Echoed when they are 18 months to 2 years old
and then yearly thereafter

We do our best to monitor those kittens gone
forward that we may catch things for which there is No test.
We hope our owners will be in touch often as years go by.
see past babies on the Then & Now pages.

Our TinyWuns are well socialized...having spent many hours
on my mothers lap
running madly through the living room.  
Notes 2020:
Our beloved Missy Kit has been Friend and Mentor
for 20 years.  
On her last visit out to see us the Cattery of Coon Mountain
officially changed hands.

That her 30 year legacy not be lost,
under the Coon Mountain name,
Bounding Maines will continue to Breed & Show
the Silvers, Smokes and Blacks of the Coon Mtn Line.
Please visit the CoonMountain.com pages for kittens in those colors.

Please visit Kits  nom de plume   
for the Merry Maines books
and other tales about the incredible Maine Coon Cat.
BoundingMaines/Coon Mountain
are done for 2020!

All our kittens have been placed for the year.
We do have some lovely Retirees both male and female.
3 to 6 years old - very reasonable adoption rates.

If you are looking for
kittens we recommend Most highly
our dear friend across the bay.  

Please text us at 415-827-3229
with any questions you might have
about our possible late fall litter,
silvers expected,  
Available January 2021  
(providing the world has not totally lost its collective mind by then)
We can be reached at inquiries@boundingmaines.com
or the Cattery number   415-827-3229
text is best as the phone is generally not on my person.
This phone has developed...issues..during Covid....
apologies in advance for any delays - email is more certain

You might also complete our Kittie Questionnaire
located on the Contact Us page of the website
that we might know you better and begin the process of approval.

I will usually get back with you that evening

Additional litters in 2020....
will be determined by how crazy the world is
in the next 30 days....
All gone to loving homes.  
These are the kittens of the Covid.
The babies of 2020
and the names their parents gave them.
Inigo Montoya

went away as a pair
Ruby June
Princess Cora Jean
Buster and Arabella
went away as a pair
Harley Jo
This was our year for RED.
Not what we planned
but it is what we got!
Lovely babies all.
Next year... silvers we hope
(aka The Town Crier)
noisiest kitten I thing we've ever had.