Our Girls

Mistral de Whimsy
CoonPlayDiamond in the Rough

Bounding   Maines
The lovely Miss Mikah came for a visit and ended up
staying on.  She is the quintessential love bug.  
When approached or touched goes boneless & falls
down - generating Much laughter.  Yes she is just a
little crazy, but we love her!
Sophia Spitfire
A Rose in Winter
The last child of my much loved line of Thieves.
A Poly Line. The Line of Anne P McKimm.
Annie was my heart and through her daughter
we hope to pass that wise, wild, intelligent gene
to the next generation.
Her planned breedings are

2017 to Song of Ice and Fire
Gallery 1
Gallery 2
The lovely Rose, last daughter of
CoonMtn MeadowLark will be giving us  
a litter in Spring 2018
The Gilded Age

A very elegant lady

The lovely Miss Gilda returns to us after
growing up with Kandy Seaton Smith
at Babble Cats in Mississippi.

She rejoins our Breeding Group
and should give us lovely babies
in every color.
As you might guess
Miss Isabeau is a Drama Queen
and now our resident ham.

A perpetual kitten
this small sprightly girl has a delightful
and we are happy to have her come home
from Babble Cats where she was much loved.
To honor our loved friend, lost to Cancer.
.We promised Miss Kandy that the children of these returning girls,
her Sea Sprites will carry the sur name of Seaton
- that she is not forgotten
Quad. Grand Champion
Koontyme Madeleine
We thank Dawn Hunt of Koontyme in Indiana for this
stunning girl. She is delightful and a hopeless flirt.  
The Judges love her, sooo much purrsonality.