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Rescues and
If you are interested in a Bounding Maines Kitten/Alter please go to our Questionnaire located
on our Contact Us pages.  We will get back to you usually the same day.

Kittens may be reserved, only on a first come, first served basis. This will require a deposit, and your
signature on our
Kitten Reservation form. More information on our Health Guarantees, Contracts, and
Reservation forms can be found on their respective pages.
Of course I will wait till bedtime
the night before a Tropical Storm to
go into Labor
and No!
I Don't Want to have them in the
safe, quiet, dark, Nursery.  
I want to have them in your
and I'm going to drag them all over
the house
if I can't have them where I want to!
I don't want the bed I liked yesterday,
even if you Move it to the bathtub.
See John going off to Walgreens in
to buy a new hot pad (because I
can't find the old one)
to lay over the age old ice cold cast
iron & porcelain tub
of our old beach house...
(new babies must be kept warm)
These babies are with us
for a multitude of reasons.
All are sweet loving adults,
gentle, funny, playful
from 2 to 5 years of age.
Adoption rates are very
Please check back often as another of our girls will retire this year and the Rescues are of course ongoing.

Thanks to all for having given loving homes to the babies hosted on this page.
ALOKOA ,  a beautiful Calico,  Born to us a handful of years ago. An
only child, she has what we call Only Child Syndrome  Its all about her, its
Always been all about her and she has No patience with anyone stealing her
pets, space, food etc.  

She is Very Present, not at all a doorstop child. Shes ornery, dominant and
can be spiteful!  Truly though she has tons of lively spirit, loves to play and
really can be a sweet thing.  She never bred for us, we so wanted children
from her but shes just not cut out for the Cattery environment and would
have been/ will be a whole other cat in an 'all about me' environment.
Available for
Bounding Maines Starfires Hope
Lady Lark is long tall drink of water  Long in the body, and has a tail that goes on
Forever.  Shes a chatty thing once she gets to know you.  Gentle but lively she
has given us lovely kittens in a rainbow of colors.  Her look-alike daughter
LarksMirror will stay on in her place. Shes also a thief. No straw is safe!
She is truly a lovely girl... I never can do justice to her.  I've always
called her my "black hole of photography"

She is a tender and loving soul, sprightly and  very playful. A
seeker of love and comfort. She is not like to be an 'escapee' or
someone who will be rough with you unexpectedly.  She loves
sunny windows and the bottom of the bed.