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These babies are with us
for a multitude of reasons.
All are sweet loving adults,
gentle, funny, playful
from 4 to 8 years of age.
Adoption rates are very
Please check back often as another of our girls will retire this year and the Rescues are of course ongoing.

Thanks to all for having given loving homes to the babies hosted on this page.
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Bounding Maines Beauregard P Seaton
When Beau was a year old he got a polyp in his ear, and we had it removed.
When he was 2 years old it came back...and we had it removed.
When he was 3 years old...
poor baby he spent most of his young life in a cone recovering from surgeries.
At 3 years old wonderful Vet.  Dr Virk of Animal Kind in Novato successfully
removed his ear canal and drum and managed to keep his external ear.
Beau is deaf on that side, still has his ear and the problem is permanently solved.
He deserves a warm lap and a happy life.
Beau is the sweetest boy for all his early problems. Loving. Trusting.
She is truly a lovely girl...  but the younger queens have begun to
pick on her.  As much as I hate to part with her she will be happier
in a quiet home with a lap of her very own.  

She is a tender and loving soul, sprightly and  very playful. A
seeker of love and comfort. She is not like to be an 'escapee' or
someone who will be rough with you unexpectedly.  She loves
sunny windows and the bottom of the bed.  
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